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    Rhapsody of Fire - I'll Be Your Hero

    Alles in allem machen Rhapsody Of Fire auf ihrem 13. Album "Glory for Salvation" genau das, was man von ihnen erwartet: epischen und flotten Power Metal mit viel Pathos und Orchester. Liebe es! \m/

    :up1: :satt:

    Ich fand die Fortsetzung garnichtmal so gut, also den Manga. Aber vll kann mich der Anime mehr überzeugen.

    Den Reboot selber fand ich ganz cool, das Original gefällt mir aber besser.

    Nichts mehr, alles verkauft xD

    Aber zu meinen besten Zeiten, wo noch jedes Wochenende Konzerte etc waren, waren es sicher zw. 500 und 700 Cd´s, auch Schallplatten. (Ich zähl die jetzt einfach mal dazu ^^ )

    Blind Guardian - Born In A Mourning Hall

    In fact it was close to a real fallout

    Everything's under control

    The speaker said with a serious smile

    Behind his mask

    He knew the truth

    I'll bring new age of better ways

    The TV preacher said

    Just pay today

    Pay today

    World's dressed in black

    On earth's judgments day

    And I?

    I know it can't go on

    Forbidden signs increase

    I'm sitting still at home

    And watching

    Born in a mourning hall

    Pale clouds of feared the unborn child

    Then it grew up with growing plans

    Of suicide

    Born in a mourning hall

    Shadows left the fear inside

    The Peter Pan will never reach

    The other side
    It's frightening

    Exciting to sit at home

    And watch the burning fields get

    Hypnotized by the TV snake

    Obey and work hard

    And feel no anger
    Just sympathy for the higher class

    There's no chance in changing


    Cause I am
    Born in a mourning hall

    Silent cries ran out

    When the cradle breaks

    Broken dreams were unheard on

    The other side

    Born in a mourning hall

    Shadows left the fear

    In the new born child

    The Peter Pan will never reach

    The other side
    And I'm a part of a machine

    A puppet on the strings

    A rebel, once

    Now I'm an old man
    Oh, I know it can't go on

    But the ghost called fear inside

    Lames my tongue, my nerves,

    My mind

    Eternal fall down

    Someone cut the strings off

    I can't move

    To get back courage

    I've to face the truth

    But not today


    Born in a mourning hall

    Caught inside a web called life

    The only way to get out soon

    I suicide

    Born in a mourning hall

    Pale souls built a frozen world

    Infected brains

    Will never reach the other side

    The other side

    Blind Guardian - Lost in the Twilight Hall

    Awaiting my last breath

    The mirror calls my name

    It's showing me the way

    Into the dark

    The bridge appears

    I jump into the dark side

    And hear the voice it's cold as ice

    "Welcome to reality"

    Where am I now?

    Darkness surrounds

    Can't go forward

    Can't go back

    I see planets dying

    I fall into the light

    A new universe awakes

    I'm a Traveler in Time

    Pray for the light

    Where's the key

    To the gate

    Of a new life - no

    I search for deliverance

    But I cannot find


    Look behind the mirror

    I'm lost in the twilight hall

    Once I'll be back for a moment in time

    That's when the mirror's falling down

    Take me away

    From the place I've been

    To another life

    In another world

    A sign of life

    Surrounds me now

    The bridge appears in the dark

    I'm free

    I fly alone

    Leaving the darkness now, forever?

    The memories of children

    And the wisdom of many lifes

    Burns deep in me

    Where will the light go to?

    Where will the light go to?

    Is this deliverance?

    Is it the end?

    I'm back there's a new chance for me

    And all my memories are gone

    I can feel what's happening to me

    And the mirrow will burst

    [Chorus: x2]

    Tadayoshi , ich treib mich in dunklen Gassen umher..^^

    Ne, mein neues Hobby "Warhammer" lässt mir kau noch Zeit für was anderes

    aber es ist schön, dass ich weiss das wer an mich denkt :ratlos::dead::ohnoes:

    ...mir die neuen Sets von Warhammer: The Horus Heresy vorbestellt, die sollten morgen endlich kommen :kawai::almost:

    ..wenn nicht..dann..f%&k my life.. :aho::drop::seufz:

    Schuhmacher ist vom Speed her schon sehr viel besser geworden aber was die Unfälle angeht...ich weiss nicht, ob der nächste Saison noch bei Haas fährt..